Beautiful Oil Lamps Ebay Appearance, Decorating With Antique Oil Lamps

Daniel Scott March 1, 2019

Beautiful Oil Lamps Ebay Appearance – Decorating With Antique Oil Lamps. Due to the wonderful flow of electricity, the oil lamps have become old and understandable. It is not very practical to use an old oil lamp at home, not to mention the safety risks. However, the demand for these bulbs is still strong, but […]

Elegant Cage Lamp Shade Design, How to Measure Lamp Shades

Daniel Scott March 1, 2019 ,

Elegant Cage Lamp Shade Design – How to Measure Lamp Shades. If you have requested hard light or all kinds of lighting by phone or online, know that it can be a difficult task. This can be very frustrating because different people measure the tone of the lamp differently. Calling and placing orders online is […]

Recommendations for Antique Green Bankers Lamp for Your Home

Daniel Scott December 27, 2018

Recommendations for Antique Green Bankers Lamp for Your Home – Table lamps have been used regularly for about a century and most banks have been used early by banks and in offices where people need to see clear documents. Many banks, offices and similar facilities currently use traditional green table lamps. We realized the appearance of […]

Antique Lamp Globes, The Latest Collecting Craze – Antique Lamps!

Daniel Scott December 26, 2018

Antique Lamp Globes – The Latest Collecting Craze, Antique Lamps! The old porcelain lamps can be oil lamps or light bulbs, depending on when they were manufactured and for what market. Some of these antique lamps are oil lamps. The oldest antique oil lamps have a large block at the bottom and a smaller one at […]